Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sports Recap: MLB Midseason Report

What a frigginly delicious All Star game. 15 innings of excitement! That being said, it is time to take a look back at the predictions I made at the beginning of the season and see how I've fared so far.

AL East
I picked the Yankees to win the AL East with Boston coming at a close second. As of today the Yankees are in third place, 6.0 games behind the Sox. The surprise of this division has been the Tampa Bay Rays who are just 0.5 games behind first place. It seems Tampa is finally ready to be a legit team. However, the Rays will not make the playoffs. I know everyone is on their bandwagon, but something tells me this team is still a solid veteran pitcher and some bullpen help away from making the playoffs. Don't count on Percival to last the season. I'm sticking with the Yanks.

AL Central
I'll make these division notes quicker. Detroit sucks but will get better, I'm still picking them to win the division. Cleveland is just plain terrible and Minnesota continues to impress.

AL West
I was half right. I had the Angels in a tie for first place. Unfortunately, I had them in a tie with the Mariners. The Mariners are currently in a tough fight for worst record in the league. The only change is the obvious Angels making the playoffs instead of the Mariners.

NL East
Mets fans can finally breath easier. The Amazins are just half a game behind the Phils for the NL East lead. The Mets have got enough pieces to win this division. I'm staying with the Mets no this one.

NL Central
Lets go Cubbies, lets go! Now with Rich Harden (favorite pitcher in training) acing the staff, the Cubs are poised to go deeper into the playoffs then I expected.

NL West
The NL West is just embarrasing. The Diamondbacks will win this division by default.

AL MVP: I picked A-Rod to win it with Grady Sizemore as the darkhorse. Both are having a terrific year but the halfway favorite is Josh Hamilton. Expect A-Rod to have a phenomenal second half.

NL MVP: I picked David Wright as the MVP and Chase Utley as the darkhorse. Close enough! Utley is definitely having an MVP season. 25 Homers at the break from a second baseman is simply stunning!

AL Cy Young: I picked Felix Hernandez and had Harden and Francisco Liriano as my dark horses. Liriano was terrible for three starts before he was sent to the minors. Harden is 5-1 with a 2.34 ERA with Oakland before being traded to the Cubs in the National League, thus making him ineligible to win the AL Cy Young. I won't say he's the best pitcher in baseball. Scratch that. Yes I will say he's the best pitcher in baseball. Hernandez has been good and would have a better record on a team that could actually hit. Cliff Lee has come out of nowhere to emerge as the mid-season favorite. I predict Lee will not be nearly as good in the second half and no one mentioned in this paragraph will win it.

NL Cy Young: Johan Santana will win the Cy Young. I know Edison Volquez and Tim Lincecum have been out of this world, but I gotta stick to my guns with this one as well. With the exception of last season, Santana has been a fantastic second half pitcher. Now that the Mets are playing better, Johan will put up some sick numbers.

AL Rookie of the Year: My dark horse pick, Evan Longoria, is running away with it.
NL Rookie of the Year: My pick, Geovany Soto, is running away with it.

Making predictions is extremely tough. Two of the teams I chose to be in the playoffs are currently sitting in last place in their divisions. I would give myself a B so far.


sang said...

There is alot I don't know about baseball. I heard the Yankees are at a 8-0 winning streak. I'll buy you a sandwhich if they break 10.