Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WTF of the Day

ESPN recently held a competition for "TitleTown USA," the place in the USA that resonates championships more than any other city. So of course when you think TitleTown the first place that comes to mind is Valdosta, Georgia. Valdosta? Really?

In Valdosta's defense, they have won a ton of high school. Valdosta has a division II college and no professional teams. You have got to be kidding me. TitleTown USA goes to high school championships? It's rumored that Valdosta has won about 500 championships in its history. Unfortunately, championships in high school are handed out like fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants.

I'm not saying it has to be New York (though it should be), but Valdosta it should not! In the words of Mark Jackson, "ESPN, you're better than that."


sang said...

I think the Pal. Park Tennis Team deserves that title.