Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Application Of The Day

Last night as I was watching TV I actually checked out some of the 190 application invitations I have on Facebook. Most of these are completely useless. Irish rugby invitation, wtf mate? Winnie the Pooh request, what does that mean? Make a baby request, go onnnnnnnnn. I clicked on one of these apps for a game called Word Challenge by Playfish and I was hooked for the next two hours. Word Challenge gives you six letters and your goal is to try to make as many words with those 6 letters as you can. It also compares you with your friends and gives your professional verbal equivalent. As of right now I have the vocabulary of a librarian. I want to break into the top 4 of my friends but making top two seems uber difficult because I suspect the cheat!


christina said...

i LOVE that game! it's soo addicting.. right now, i'm trying to beat eunice and hanna, but they're like the williams sisters of word challenge~! i am determined to keep playing till i beat the dynamic duo..

sang said...

How would one prevent the cheat? Until that mystery is solved, I shall take part in this challenge.

Anonymous said...

Cheating kind of muted my interest in Scrabulous and Scramble. I'll give this one a shot though.