Friday, August 8, 2008

Artwork of the Day

One Dollar Sketch is a site that, you guessed it, sells sketches for one dollar. Why sell it for only a dollar (and, ahem, $1.50 to ship it)? The artist explains it like this:

"Because art is for everyone. Even those who only have four quarters have a right to be an 'art collector'. That means, even your six year olds and younger can start their own collection as early as now."

While that normally would be good enough, the site does gets a bit more interesting. The artist isn't revealing him/herself until they put up their 100th sketch as "part of a much bigger artistic venture", adding that, if you knew who the artist was, he/she would have to charge more than a dollar for the work.

The mystery has definitely piqued my interest. I've jumped on board and have already ordered a sketch (or two :x). Who knows, maybe I'll be part of some cooler, awesome plan. And maybe the artist is the next Picasso, which would be kind of amazing.

Visit their website, or their Etsy page to order a sketch.


sang said...

In that case, buy me one please!

Anonymous said...

*cough* scam *cough*