Thursday, August 7, 2008

How Much Are You Burning?

One night, after playing basketball for three hours in what could only be described as a sauna, I asked a friend how many calories we had burned. He said "Probably around 200." I was shocked. I've heard that typically a person loses about 100 calories per mile they run, so I guess he figured we ran about 2 miles, ergo, 200 calories burned. 200 calories seemed very little considering the amount of sweat running down my face. I did some investigating and found that the truth is I burn approximately 600 calories for every hour of full court basketball I play. This is roughly the same amount as I would burn from running an hour at a 5 mile per hour pace. Now that's more like it. Let's see how much I burn per hour in other things...

Blogging: 109 Cal
Bowling: 218 Cal
Settlers of Catan (Board Games): 109 Cal
Eating (sitting): 109 Cal
Football (tackle): 653 Cal
Golf (driving range): 218 Cal
Golf (miniature): 218 Cal
Guitar (sitting) 145 Cal
Reading Baby Korean Book (sitting): 94 Cal
Softball: 363 Cal
Table Tennis: 290 Cal
Tennis (Singles): 581 Cal
Tennis (Doubles): 435 Cal

This is how I spend most of time. If you would like to calculate how much you burn per your favorite activities go to


Jen Shin said...

"I've heard that typically a person loses about 100 calories per mile they run.."
do you know where you heard that? oh, that's right, my feature on running. =P

Jorge J said...

muahaha actually it wasn't from your feature. Someone told me long before

sang said...

AH so this is where all those numbers came from.