Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Douche Bag of the Day: Jack Cafferty

Oh, Jack Cafferty. You had me at the WB11 News at 10, when I usually tuned into your local news and such, after a riveting episode of Dawson's Creek. And when you made the big move to CNN? I was out celebrating and tried to tune into CNN's American Morning. But now .. now, I think I might've lost some respect for you.

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about: your little commentary on the Democratic National Convention in terms of the Clintons is shameful to read:
The Beverly Hillary-billies come to Denver. If you look closely this week, you might catch a glimpse of Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in between appearances by the Clintons. Hillary Clinton is doing her dead-level best to take title to Obama's moment in the sun. She lost. He won. She and her family will be everywhere...And as an enticement to cough up some bucks, Bill Clinton sent an e-mail to potential contributors promising a memorable week with his wife. (Insert your own joke here) He said, "You'll get to see Hillary speak on Tuesday and Barack Obama -- the next president of the United States -- on Thursday. And I hear Hillary and you will have a chat -- I'll make sure I stop by." Makes you want to borrow money against your house, doesn't it? How gross.
Um, first off, what the eff? Whatever happened to political unity? Seriously, at a crucial time when the Democrats need to pull together and unite to win the White House, are you seriously going to be making fun of the Clintons?

And you, sir, seem to have quite a history when it comes to sounding "gross." Saying that China was run by "a bunch of goons and thugs." Way to be tasteless.

I mean, as long as you don't mind sounding like a complete jerk, then please, carry on.

Douche bag.


Jen Shin said...

we love writing about Jack Cafferty on our blog, don't we? =P

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I get this post. Why is Jack Cafferty obligated in any way to advocate political unity for the Democrats? I thought he was some sort of commentator.

I actually wonder more about the Clintons and their possibly self-serving actions to unite (or is it blackmail?) the party.

Anonymous said...

Hey, since you folks are all from Pal Park, thought you might be interested in a recent article in The Record about Korean food in PP.


Kind of a non-"native" person's guide (written by two Korean girls who probably wanted to write the piece as an excuse to expense some yummy lunches,) but at least it's a little love from the mainstream press.