Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Drinking Game!

I don't really drink, but I think drinking games are hilarious. The Democratic National Convention is in full swing in Denver, and let's see...

Take a shot everytime:

- Barack Obama says the words "hope" or "change" in his speech and/or in interviews.
Game over, you're dunzo. ;)

I kid, I kid. Congrats to Obama for being the official Democratic nominee. I may not be a huge fan, but to me he is the country's biggest catalyst for change (take a shot!!). While I wasn't expecting him to really pick Hillary as his VP, I certainly didn't expect him to pick Joe Biden- bold moves! I remember quite clearly telling our apparently psychic fellow-blogger the night before the announcement, "Yuri, don't be stupid, there is NO way an Obama-Biden ticket is happening! That's ludicrous!" (Sorry, Yuri.) Verrry interesting. Go make history now, boys.


Anonymous said...

Lame and probably of an effect only to the 18% of voters who still think that Obama is muslim but consider:

Osama Bin Laden
Obama-BIn laDEN.

Howard said...

"Go make history now, boys."

That's what she/the ladies said/say!