Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where to Buy Cheap Textbooks

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with some friends who had graduated in May about how they are sad that they aren't going back to school. Jorge and I agreed that we don't actually miss going to school, we just miss the idea of going back to school. Because, in reality, college was annoying, difficult, and expensive.

One of the most difficult and most annoying aspects of college was buying textbooks. Or, as I like to call it, spending $600 on overpriced pieces of paper that will hardly be used.

I was always too lazy to ditch the convenience of the college bookstore in order to save money. But if you're looking to get textbooks on the cheap, Lifehacker has a good poll asking their readers for the best places to find deals on textbooks.

So far, it seems like the big winners are Half.com, Bigwords.com, Bookfinder.com, and Addall.com. Check out the rest of the comments to find more suggestions.

So if you're still in college and need to buy textbooks, online is definitely the way to go. And to those that still feel that they miss school, look at your bank account and be glad you don't have to buy a single soft-cover book for $100.


Evan said...

Love bigwords.com!! It beats all the rest imo!!!

sang said...

I've spent about 400-500 dollars throughout my 4 years in college. WOo hoo!!