Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Betas...

Dear Life in Boxes Readers,

You might have noticed that about a week ago, we changed our blog's layout. We decided to get away from the generic Blogspot template and try something new.

We're still in the process of working out some kinks, and who knows, we might even end up throwing this design out and starting fresh again.

Nonetheless, Life in Boxes is officially in beta mode.

We hope that you'll bear with us and our beta format for the time being, and maybe even give us some design input! (Email your thoughts and suggestions to us at lifeinboxes@gmail.com)

And as always, thanks for reading our blog!

Life in Boxes editors


Julia Park said...

Even though it's a beta design, I think it looks great :D

Good job, Yuri!

Anonymous said...

I browse the web on a 1600x1050 screen, but keep my browser in a Portrait/Letter sized format (so about 900 pixels wide). Using Firefox, the light blue S of "Life in Boxes" gets cutoff. Not a big deal, but it's feedback.

sang said...

I feel like too much space is taken up by the Life in boxes intro on the right side

sang said...

Oh and when you guys put up links, can it open up a diff window instead of life in boxes web site going to it.