Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thing I Want of the Day

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers have been around FOREVER, first made popular by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. To me, they SCREAM 80s, mostly because we've all seen Tom Cruise wearing the black ones in Risky Business. They've made a comeback recently, with everyone from Chloe Sevigny to Mary-Kate Olsen to Johnny Depp donning them. I never gave them much thought until my friend Christina told me she HAD to get a pair. I supported her when we'd go sunglasses shopping and she'd try on different colors and such, but again, I've never been one for expensive sunglasses (too easy to lose, sit/step on, and yes, I've done all of the 3). Until I saw these. HELLO, purple/red Wayfarers! You are so pretty, yes you are. So what if you're not going to match anything I own, and that you run $140/pair? You are so pretty.

I'm not getting these anytime soon. In the meantime though, there are way cheap knock-offs of these shades EVERYWHERE. Check out Urban Outfitters and Fred Flare for their versions.


christina said...

i want then in every color! heeehee

sang said...

December 4th anyone?