Thursday, August 7, 2008

Slydial Helps the Socially Awkward

If calling someone makes you feel nervous, then Slydial was probably made with you in mind. This new service (available only in the US) allows the socially awkward to avoid talking to a person on the phone, and instead directly connects you to voicemail. So instead of stuttering over a phone call with your boss, leave a well-rehearsed voicemail!

Personally, I'd probably use this service if I wanted to contact someone, but didn't want to bother them, whether if it's during a meeting, a movie, or an exam.

P.S. - PLEASE do not use this service for the following: a) breaking up with someone, b) quitting your job, or c) confessing your love to someone. Those things are probably better said in person, and you definitely do not want those scenarios forever "saved" in a voicemail!


Anonymous said...

reminds me of an episode of how i met your mother

sang said...

That's pretty interesting. I should check my voice mails more often.