Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Movies Opening TODAY

Normally we do this on the weekend post, but this week all the movies being released this week are opening today, smack dab in the middle of the workweek. Wednesday is an odd day for movie openings, unless it's like a holiday weekend, and seeing that this first week of August boasts no known holidays, it is strange that no movies are being released on Friday. If I was a betting woman I'd have to say that it's because the Olympics start this Friday, which makes a lot of sense and offers the only plausible explanation I can think of. So here's a rundown of the films opening today. I don't usually rush out to go see a film on opening day (or even opening weekend), but I am DEFINITELY seeing Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 late tonight. SO EXCITED.

Pineapple Express (starring Seth Rogan, James Franco)
Should be good- written by the Superbad writing duo of Seth and Evan Goldberg. A stoner comedy, but if Harold and Kumar have taught us anything, stoner comedies can be good and not stupid. Ok maybe a little stupid, but only slightly. My favorite thing about this release is the trailer's use of M.I.A.'s Paper Planes, which is a superb song. It's actually made the song (which has been released for over a year now) jump to #3 on iTunes Top 100 songs chart since the trailer has hit online and TV.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (starring: Alexis Bledel, America Ferrara, Blake Lively, Amber Tamblyn)
Based on the popular Sisterhood book series by Ann Brashares, the first film made a modest $40 million. When the first film was released, Alexis (of Gilmore Girls) and Amber (of Joan of Arcadia) were the more recognizable of the 4, now Blake (of Gossip Girl) and America (of Ugly Betty) are bonafide stars themselves. Makes sense that the ad campaign for this sequel has focused more on the girls themselves rather than the pants, to capitalize on all of their fame. I can go on and on about the book series and the movie and how awesome they are, which I will on a later post.

Or... you can go watch the Dark Knight again, and help it beat the record Titanic holds for box office receipts: $600 million. The Dark Knight is well on its way, becoming the fastest movie to reach the $400 million mark, so I wouldn't be surprised if Titanic finally sinks (hmmm, I'm sorry, too soon??) this year.


christina said...

WOOOHOOO~!! i'm super excited about sisterhood! :D

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a nicely placed "too soon" joke.

SaTC, I could see a BF getting dragged to and it not being bad at all, but shouldn't any guy who ends up going to see Sisterhood2 just hand over his balls right then and there?

sang said...

I feel like the movie craze is over now. I still need to watch Wall E!

Stella said...

Pineapple Express' movie poster should really have James Franco in the center and Seth Rogan behind of him...and the other guy? He really shouldn't be in the poster.

James Franco is SO cute in this movie; it seems like it was the part he was born to play-