Friday, September 19, 2008

Awesome Website: HALT

With it's mission statement simply stating: "To inform and warn men everywhere to the evils of Lifetime Television," I was sold on the website, Husbands Against Lifetime Tv (HALT).

I mean, reading the site creator's horror story, I couldn't help but to feel for the poor fellow:
One day like any other day, I was innocently working up in my office. My wife was watching a Lifetime TV movie. A typical man-hating cheese flick where the wife catches her husband pulling a Lewinski with his secretary. The woman proceeds to take her revenge and take her husband to the cleaners. Of course making all men look lower then sludge in the process. This same premise is regurgitated in many different forms on Lifetime! After the movie was over my wife promptly came upstairs to my office and wacked me across the back of the head saying "If you ever did that to me I’d give you a Bobbit and feed it to the dog". Naturally I recoiled at the thought of that. I proclaimed my innocence and cursed the wicked evil channel that is Lifetime TV! (husbandsagainstlifetimetv)

Fight the good fight, man.


sang said...

haha. I support Life Time! or just Time.