Friday, September 19, 2008

2008 Emmy Predictions

The 2008 Emmys are on this Sunday, and it's one of my favorite awards shows of the year cause it celebrates my favorite entertainment medium, television. YAY. The Emmys are fun for a variety of reasons: a) I like TV. b) It's probably the most unpredictable awards of the bunch. c) When the Emmys get it wrong, boy do they get it wrong (Boston Legal for Best Drama, really??), and vice versa. This year, they're shaking things up a bit. First of all, they added Outstanding Reality- Competition Program as a category, which is long overdue since like it or not, reality TV seems to take up much of the programming on your screen these days. So, in honor of that, the Emmys have handed over hosting duties to... the 5 nominated Outstanding Reality Show Hosts. Ryan Seacrest is a veteran at these things. But Heidi Klum as host? We'll see.

So, the fun part of these awards is predicting who will win. Here is a nifty ballot- Emmys Ballot, see how well you do. My personal predictions on some of the categories, after the jump.

I think 30 Rock will sweep in all the major categories it's been nominated for: Best Comedy, Best Actor for Alec Baldwin, and Best Actress for Tina Fey. The only thing that would cause Alec Baldwin to lose is all the recent negative publicity he's gotten for being quite the whiner, but I think he deserves to win for this clip alone. Brilliant.

I would LURVE to see the Office win, cause it's my favorite show ever and nothing makes me laugh out loud like it, but I think 30 Rock will take it. Outstanding Drama is a little harder, and it's a toss up between Lost, which enjoyed a critically acclaimed return this year, and another critics darling, Mad Men. I'll have to give it to the latter, cause it's garnered buzz that just won't go away. The only person I'm really rooting for to win is Neil Patrick Harris for How I Met Your Mother, who I think deserves it the most, and I think has a good shot, unless Jeremy Piven from Entourage takes it (again...). Go Barney!

The Emmys are on Sunday night, 8PM, on ABC.


ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of emmys news summaries:

Jen Shin said...

I like how except for the 30 Rock wins, NONE of my predictions came true. Not one. I don't think this has ever happened to me before.

Julia Park said...

Oh man, that 30 Rock clip is sooooooooo hilarious! I'm so happy for Alec Baldwin :)

sang said...

That was a great clip.