Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fall TV Schedule September: Your Favorite Shows Return

I may not love September since it signals the end of summer and the beginning of a cold cold winter to come, but I love September for what really matters- the start of the new TV season. After a crippling writer's strike that shortened the season for many shows last year, TV will be back in full swing in the next couple of weeks. Keep this little guide handy to see when some of your favorites are returning in the month of September; I'll do another guide for new shows as well as the ones that are premiering in October. Happy TV Watching! :)

9/1 (Monday)
Gossip Girl: 8PM, The CW
Prison Break: 8PM, FOX
One Tree Hill: 9PM, The CW

9/3 (Wednesday)
America's Next Top Model: 8PM, The CW
Bones: 8PM, FOX

9/7 (Sunday)
Entourage: 10PM, HBO

9/13 (Saturday)
SNL: 11:35PM, NBC

9/16 (Tuesday)
Biggest Loser: 8PM, NBC
House: 9PM, FOX

9/18 (Thursday)
Smallville: 8PM, The CW
Supernatural: 9PM, The CW
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 10PM, FX

9/22 (Monday)
Dancing with the Stars: 8PM, ABC
How I Met Your Mother: 8:30PM, CBS
Heroes: 9PM, NBC
Two and a Half Men: 9PM, CBS
Boston Legal: 10PM, ABC
CSI: Miami: 10PM, CBS

9/23 (Tuesday)
Law & Order SVU: 10PM, NBC
Without a Trace: 10PM, CBS

9/24 (Wednesday)
Criminal Minds: 9PM, CBS
Lipstick Jungle: 10PM, NBC

9/25 (Thursday)
My Name is Earl: 8PM, NBC
Survivor: 8PM, CBS
Ugly Betty: 8PM, ABC
Grey's Anatomy: 9PM, ABC
The Office: 9PM, NBC

9/28 (Sunday)
Amazing Race: 8PM, CBS
The Simpsons: 8PM, FOX
King of the Hill: 8:30PM, CBS
Desperate Housewives: 9PM, ABC
Family Guy: 9PM, FOX
Dexter: 9PM, Showtime
American Dad: 9:30PM, FOX
Brothers & Sisters: 10PM, ABC
The Unit: 10PM, CBS

9/29 (Monday)
Chuck: 8PM, NBC
Life: 9PM, NBC


les said...

30 rock...WHY are you not coming back sooner, WHY!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the list of all the new shows. I am so excited to get my couch potatoe on and watch all the great shows. I am really excited for Samantha Who? which is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I found this video online for Samantha Who? that is awesome. Watch it at:

That is if you want a chuckle.

Julia Park said...

Fall TV is one of the reasons why I LOVE Fall :D

sang said...

ahhhh my TV broke... at the worst time.

Jen Shin said...

Samantha Who comes back in October! Sad, I know.