Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Browser Of The Day

Google is already the world's favorite homepage and is attempting to become the world's favorite browser. The new browser, Chrome Web, has a couple of new features including an "omni box" combines the search and address bar. Chrome Web is available for download at in over 100 countries but only for Windows as of now.


MH said...

Google has created one of the worst EULAs in history with their Chrome

Basically, every single piece of data that gets uploaded to anywhere on the
internet becomes the property of Google. Every word. Every picture. No
matter where it is published or transmitted.

mh said...

Looks like all of the problematic language has been removed from the EULA.

Here's an official response from Rebecca Ward, Senior Product Counsel for
Google Chrome:

"In order to keep things simple for our users, we try to use the same set of
legal terms (our Universal Terms of Service) for many of our products.
Sometimes, as in the case of Google Chrome, this means that the legal terms
for a specific product may include terms that don't apply well to the use of
that product. We are working quickly to remove language from Section 11 of
the current Google Chrome terms of service. This change will apply
retroactively to all users who have downloaded Google Chrome."

Still, I'm not sure how I feel about it.