Friday, September 26, 2008

Petition of the Day: McDonald's Breakfast All Day

You know what always tastes good? McDonald's breakfast menu. I was thinking about this one morning and it got me craving a Sausage McMuffin with a hash brown side.

But sadly, while it was morning for me, it was already lunch time for McD's. And that made me sad.

So I thought, "They should really fix that. They need to make breakfast items an all day thing. Hell, I should make an online petition for my breakfasty goodness cause!"

So I went online, but it turns out somebody beat me to it. As of this writing, the McDonald's Breakfast Menu Extension Petition has 435 signatures.

I signed it. And if you want breakfast all day, sign it too.

Because greasy sausages and fake eggs shouldn't be limited to morning hours!


sang said...

I Love the Mcgriddle 460 calories you can't get a better deal.