Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sports Recap: What's Going On?

Tennis (US Open)
I have bet on Roger Federer twice already this year and lost twice. You'd think I'd learn my lesson. Nah uh. I'm picking him to win the US Open. However folks, if Wimbledon is any indication, there are no losers in a Nadal vs Federer final. Well, two. Roger and I. I'm so sure he'll win I even decided to demo the more forgiving version of his racquet, the K-Factor 95. Despite being easier to use than the one Roger uses, it is as forgiving as a charging rhino.

I knew there would come a day when the Yankees wouldn't make the playoffs. Honestly, I'm not as upset by their horrid play this year as I thought I'd be. And yet...all it takes is one month. One month of greatness can make the difference. You don't want to be like the Knicks do you?

The Giants season opener is tonight against the Washington Redskins. Republican National Convention? No chance. Let's go G-Men! Other than winning the Super Bowl the best thing that Eli has done this year has been the following commercial.


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