Thursday, September 4, 2008

2008 New Jersey's Best High Schools Ranking

New Jersey Monthly Magazine's latest issue has their biennial "Best High Schools in New Jersey" list. Their rankings are based on criteria such as teacher-to-student ratio, SAT scores, AP scores, graduation rate, and many other statistics.

In total, 316 schools were ranked (some technical, special, and vocational schools were not included), with Milburn, McNair Academic (Jersey City), and Tenafly high schools making it to the top of the list.

Check out the full list to find out where your high school ranked. You know, to give yourself some school pride (or shame :x).

For example, my Alma mater, Palisades Park ranked 118th. OH YEAHHH!! WAY TO MAKE IT INTO THE TOP 40th PERCENT TILE!! GO TIGERS!!


Jen Shin said...

What, PPHS is not in the bottom 50 OR the lowest ranked of the Bergen schools?? You've come a long way, PP.

sang said...

honestly yea. I'm amazed at the "high" rankings. I bet we cheated.... .. I KNOW we cheated. was there. .. .. GO PP!!