Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yogurt of the Day: Brown Cow w/ Fruit & Whole Grains

I love yogurt. My favorite is the Greek kind, but I can pretty much go for any type at any time. I've discovered a new yogurt that has been making my mornings very happy- yogurt with whole grains mixed into it. Ok, so it's like having plain old yogurt and mixing in your own grains, but Brown Cow with Fruit & Whole Grains is SO good. Yogurt in delicious flavors- my favorite is the raspberry pear- mixed with delicious grains- hulled barley, rolled oats, quinoa, sunflower and flax seeds equals double deliciousness. Liberte is also FANTASTIC, a little less sweet than Brown Cow, but bigger grains and a crunchier texture. YUM. I get my Brown Cow/Liberte from Whole Foods.