Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who do you support?

The historic '08 elections are... a month and some days away. If you are over 18 and are not registered/planning to vote, please re-think it. We live in a country where every citizen is given the right to have a voice and a say on how things are run, and you're throwing away that opportunity? I don't care if you live in a state that already swings heavily towards one party; every vote counts. Have you never seen Swing Vote?? (Yeah, me either. =P) Registration deadlines vary by state; NY is 10/10, NJ is 10/14. If you haven't already, register at

But, even more importantly, do some research before you vote. Don't support a candidate because you think it's the "cool" thing to do, or cause your friends are, or cause the writers of this blog tell you to. These elections are exciting because so many issues are on the line- economy, Iraq, health care, immigration. You must have an opinion on one thing or another, no? To see where you stand on these issues and which candidate most matches your philosophy, take this quiz: Match-o-Matic. You get a series of statements made by either McCain or Obama, and you click on the one you agree with. They don't tell you who said what, which makes the quiz even more interesting. When the faces and names are taken away and you are left with just philosophies, you might be surprised at what you think you believe in, but actually do instead.


sang said...

I split views on issues regarding the economy and Iraq. Chose Mccain for Health, Obama for Immigration. The deciding factor came from the Red boxes (Hot Topics) where I favored Mccain 4 out of 5. Guess I know who I'm voting for!