Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day of the Day: September 24

September 24 is the 268th day of this (leap) year and my birthday. In honor of the fighting 268th I've decided to do a little research.

Key Events
1789- The U.S. Congress passed the First Judiciary Act. The act provided for an Attorney General and a Supreme Court.
1869- "Black Friday." Lots of people lose money when some rich people try to take advantage of the gold market. (Sound familiar?)
1934- Babe Ruth plays his last game as a Yankee. 74 years later, wah wah wah...
1968- 60 Minutes Debuted. Old people rejoiced.

Key Birthdays
Sir Arthur Guinness, Brewer
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Novelist
Jim Henson, Puppeteer
Phil Hartman, Actor
Kevin Sorbo, Hercules
Rafael Palmeiro, Habitual Liar and Steroid User
Paul Hamn, Silver Medalist
Morgan Hamn, Tag Along
Randy Foye, Fantasy Basketball sleeper pick


Jen Shin said...

Happy Birthday Jorge! You're my second favorite birthday person, after F. Scott Fitzgerald, of course.

...kidding...? ;D