Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall TV Schedule October: Your Favorite Shows Return

It's the first day of October, and to me, that really doesn't mean anything other than, a) it's going to get really cold really fast, and b) Pushing Daisies is back!! :) Pushing Daisies was one of my favorite new shows last year, and I'm glad it's finally returning. As promised, the shows that are returning tonight/the rest of this month.

10/1 (Wednesday)
Pushing Dasisies, 8PM, ABC
Private Practice, 9PM, ABC
Friday Night Lights, 9PM, Direct TV only :(
Dirty Sexy Money, 10PM, ABC

10/3 (Friday)
Everybody Hates Chris, 8PM, The CW
Ghost Whisperer, 8PM, CBS
Wife Swap, 8PM, ABC
The Game, 8:30PM, The CW
Supernanny, 9PM, ABC
Numb3rs, 10PM, CBS

10/6 (Monday)
Samantha Who?, 9:30PM, ABC

10/9 (Thursday)

10/10 (Friday)
Life, 10PM, NBC

10/14 (Tuesday)
Eli Stone, 10PM, ABC

10/30 (Thursday)
30 R0ck, 9:30PM, NBC


Julia Park said...

Augh, the season premiere of 30 Rock seems so far awayyyyy :(