Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MTV Music

MTV launched a site called MTV Music yesterday, and music video lovers everywhere are rejoicing. It's an archive of practically every music video ever made, and a preliminary search on the site suggests that they have a pretty good collection so far. I LOVE MUSIC VIDEOS, people. They're like little nuggets of visual fun/short films that are set to your favorite songs starring your favorite artists. I mean, what is not to like?

I think this is the first step in MTV offering an olive branch to everyone who has been disappointed in their inexplicable move away from offering music and music related programming to reality crap like, Paris Hilton's My New BFF. Perhaps when Paris finds her BFF, you can start airing more music videos, yah? MORE MUSIC, MTV!!!


Yuri Kim said...

Seriously.. I remember when MTV 2 was supposed to be all music, but now it's just reruns of old reality TV shows.

Maybe they're finally realizing that the M in MTV stands for Music?

sang said...

I stopped watching MTV. Perhaps I'll visit this site.