Thursday, November 13, 2008

TV Round-Up: Top Chef and More

TOP CHEF NEW YORK. Where do we start?
First off, I've got to hand it to the producers: already after the first episode, I am ATTACHED. And their mobile question of the night? "Which team are you rooting for? Team Rainbow or the Euro Duo?" - WELL PLAYED, BRAVO. You really know how to cut to my heart with such an important question.

Cancellations: After 14 seasons, MADtv is in its final season. Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy have been canceled.

Casting: After hearing that Amy Poehler gave birth and will no longer be on SNL, the question on everyone's mind was IS KRISTEN WIIG GOING TO PLAY EVERY SINGLE FEMALE CHARACTER ON THE SHOW? Turns out SNL will be featuring two fresh female faces. I'm really wondering what's going to happen with Weekend Update.


Suh-Mii said...

wow, this site has significant upgraded since i last visited - i'm impressed!

and THANK GOD they cancelled lipstick jungle - the worst show since lori loughlin's comeback attempt with summerland...

Jen Shin said...

hahaha to suhmii's comment.

julia, you forgot to mention the casting of Heidi/Spencer/Kim Kardashian on How I Met Your Mother... shudder.

sang said...

gooooooooo EURO DUO!

we should have an apple contest. 15 is too much so we'll go with 10. Everyone hone your knife skills until our next apple picking trip. We shall battle then.