Friday, November 7, 2008

While watching the election results on Tuesday, a friend of mine refused to watch CNN because he doesn't like their magic screen. Something about it being frivolous.

And then we had our own editor hate on CNN's hologram effects. I, for one, welcome our new-fangled technology overlords.

That's why I'm super excited about Microsoft's SecondLight. This new technology is based on their Surface project where, by throwing a piece of paper on the screen, a completely different image appears. It is damn sexy and worth watching the demo.

I can't wait for election coverage in 2012, where we'll see a map of the US, then the piece of paper will break down who in the state likes ice cream and how it will affect their vote.

Or an image of a person and then the SecondLight screen shows how too much black bile and not enough yellow bile makes them more likely to choose a political candidate. Yes, the four humors as a science will be back in 2012.


sang said...

that's pretty cool. What will I do with it?