Monday, December 1, 2008

[Mixtape] It's Britney, Bitch!

So it's officially Britney week here at Life in Boxes. Ok, KIDDING, Jorge and Julia would kill me if I even so much as floated that idea around. Let me re-phrase. In honor of Britney's comeback (Circus, out in stores tomorrow, my review coming later this week), I've declared it Britney week for me...In my heart. So, don't expect posts about any other subject from me this week! If you haven't checked out the MTV documentary Britney: For the Record, I think you should- it's a really interesting look into the craziness that is her life, and I'm pretty sure MTV will re-run the crap out of it. Say what you will about her, but I don't think many of us can be thrust into the spotlight/fame/money as she has and come away with it unscathed.

I was going through my iTunes collection, and I realized that Britney has a pretty extensive songbook, considering her decade long career. So, here are some of my favorites for this special Britney mixtape edition, some probably familiar to you, some probably not as much. Ch-ch-check it out.

1) Hit Me Baby One More Time - Her debut song, she certainly made a splash by making Catholic Apparently the idea behind that was all Britney. Even at the age of 16 she knew that sex sells. The music video recently was named #1 most iconic video of all time on the now-defunct TRL, and it was also the last video to be played on the finale of that show. This is the song that made me a die-hard Britney fan. Classic!

2) I'm a Slave 4 U - Oh how I love this song. From her third album, Britney, this single was a defining moment in her career, when she shed all traces of the virginal girl-next-door image for a more steamy, grown up look. Love the hot hot video, and who can forget the MTV VMAs, when she danced with that giant snake (my favorite performance of hers ever)? Say what you will about her, but no one puts on a show like Brit.

3) Oops I Did it Again - This is my favorite song to sing at karaoke. Mainly for the awesome dialogue in the middle of the song, which I turn into a monologue. I can recite it for you at any given moment... "All aboard! Britney, wait before you go there's something I want you to have...Oh it's beautiful, but isn't this... Yes, yes it is..."

4) Born to Make You Happy - A song off her first album, she released it as a single in Europe but not in the US, which is a shame cause it's my favorite off that album. It's ballad-y, which is not my favorite sound on her, but she makes it work and even shows off her vocal capabilities. YES, SHE CAN SING WHEN SHE WANTS TO.

5) Piece of Me - Her Blackout album is generally touted to be her best, and this is the best song on that album. This might be my favorite of hers of ALL TIME, and it makes me sad that it wasn't a bigger hit, but it's not surprising considering it came at the heels of her public meltdown. The video did manage to win Britney her very first MTV VMAs in September.

6) Toy Soldier - Also from her great Blackout album, it's one of my favorites. So darn catchy, and my friend Ed and I were obsessed with this song for awhile.

7) I Run Away - This is an unreleased B-side song that can be found on the 'expanded version' of the Britney album, which I don't own. It's a sad little song, and I love it.

8) Circus - I LOVE THIS SONG RIGHT NOW. It's her newest single off the album of the same name, and I just love it. The video debuts later this month and from this preview, it's looking good. Very aptly titled for what her life has become, I cannot wait for her to go on tour next year. YESSSSS.

Bonus: Oh, and I hate Christmas songs (probably cause my heart is cold and black, idk), but there are only 2 holiday songs I can tolerate- Mariah's All I Want For Christmas is You (just imagining the amount of money she probably gets off the royalties of that song makes my head hurt), and Britney's sweet My Only Wish (This Year). Happy Holidays, and Happy Unofficial Britney week!


Ash said...

I think it should be Britney week at LIB. Jorge- what do you say? I love your choices. I personally would add Lucky just b/c it's such a fun vibrant song that really does tell about what Brit's life is like now. Who is ready for her 2009 tour? I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 you brit brit and jen shiin!!!!!!!!!

sang said...

I don't think I heard some of these songs, I shall litsen to them one day.

les said...'s the only time i'll say nsync over bsb, but "merry christmas, happy holidays" isn't one of your favorite christmas songs??? i could listen to that song on repeat every day of the season!!!