Monday, December 1, 2008

That's What She Said of the Day

We all have that's what she said (TWSS) moments through out the day, but when of my coworkers and I get together we look for those moments with every phrase that is uttered. It's never mean spirited but it can be quite funny. Here are some of my favorite that's what she said moments of the past couple of weeks.

Person (after being pelted with TWSS through out the day): "I'm going to have to be so careful of what I say now, but I don't know things just come out of my mouth sometimes."

Person (while rock climbing): "This is so hard! Even if I try to keep my legs open."

Person 1 (commenting on one thing or the other) "I usually take mine from the back." At this point I can't hold my seltzer water in and spit some of it on Person 2 who yells, "AhhH! You got it all over me." An impressive double TWSS.

Person (trying to put something together) "No it didn't go in right. Pull it up harder! Okay now bring it in slowly."

Person 1 (email on playing basketball) "Just come...I suck too...we can all suck together"
Person 2 (replies) "That's what he said"


Anonymous said...


omg... greatest blog ever

sang said...

That's why I can't have a simple conversation with you.