Thursday, December 18, 2008

Retail Site of the Day:, oh how I heart thee! Any store/site that has the tagline, "Stay Cute!" wins a place in my heart. And cute, they are. I've had FredFlare bookmarked as one of my favorite sites for about a year now, but never bought anything from them until last week. Boy, was I missing out. First of all, from time to time they have free shipping codes that are AMAZING, because even with the free shipping, you get your stuff really fast. I ordered my gift for a Yankee Swap my friends and I do on Monday, hoping that I'd get it by the time we exchange gifts next week, and lo and behold the package arrived today. Everything was the same as it looked on the site, it was packaged thoroughly, and I was super impressed.

Head on over to the site to check out really cute stuff/last minute gift ideas for yo self and/or others, they have everything from apparel and accessories (someone get me these faux-Ray-Bans!!) to novelty gift items (colorblock roller skates, anyone??) to fun camera stuff for the photography buffs. They also recently opened up a physical store in Brooklyn which I want to check out sometime SOON, and their blog is really fun to read, like Life-in-Boxes fun.


sang said...

I'm taking that shirt!