Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TV News of the Day: Leno Stays

After months of speculating whether or not Jay Leno would be leaving the Peacock network for good or not .. NBC is expected to announce that Jay Leno will not be leaving; instead, the network plans on putting Leno in an earlier, prime time slot - 10PM. That way, Conan O'Brien still keeps the late night show slot that was held by Leno, and even more previously, Johnny Carson. And Jimmy Fallon is expected to fill in Conan's current time slot.

This seems to be an interesting move for NBC. Understandably, they don't want to lose Jay Leno .. but to pit Leno against other prime time shows such as the CSI shows, Bravo programming (Top Chef!) seems to be a bit of a gamble.

I, for one, am more of a Conan O'Brien fan, so as long as that awkward, lanky, red-haired man is still on, then I am good (though, I'm sad that he will no longer be based in NYC).


Jen Shin said...

I totally cringed when I heard this yesterday. I cannot stand Leno, I don't think he's funny, and to see him on primetime every single night is going to be painful. I also don't think this will work, but since it's saving NBC TONS of money, I'm not surprised they're giving it a shot. Who knows, I may be eating my words come this time next year, and maybe it'll be uber successful. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

This seemed so weird when I heard it. A daily talk show in prime-time?!? But hey, I guess NBC is getting desperate.

Leno makes me laugh. Sometimes. But more than that, I think Leno does his job really well (especially compared to other late-night hosts besides Letterman and Conan) and he seems like a pretty stand-up guy. I think he deserves the success he's had and I hope he does well in the future.

The only downside I see is that it might mean no more Office marathons/rebroadcasts that go until 11PM on Thursday. But I think watching each episode 2-4 times is something I can cut back on.

Oh and, that Conan moving to LA. Darn, that kind of sucks.

sang said...

I wish I saw more conan before this move. Never really saw Jay Leno.