Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Birds, The Birds!

US Airway Plane Crashes in Hudson River- ABC

A US Airway flight crashed into the Hudson after experiencing trouble. The culprit of this fiasco was apparently a bird. Government officials say the engines failed after a bird struck the plane.

Really? Is that all it takes to down a plane? Why bother with missiles when you can bring a plane down with a life size Big Bird doll. This either shows the vulnerability of aircraft or the viciousness of birds. I have a couple of friends who can't stand feathered creatures. As one of them so wisely noted, their danger comes from their air/ground attack; swooping down from the skies to hunt you down or leaving poop all over the place for you to step on.


David said...

Ok... read real news like the New York Times. Each engine had a bird fly into it at the same time! It's caused both engines to shut down. A bird did not just bump into the plane. It's called a "double bird strike."

songhyunah said...

.. are you quoting jen?