Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eats of the Day

1224 Anderson Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Today at the office we did not settle for the usual pizza or fried chicken. Instead we went to TASTEastery in Fort Lee. Tasteatery is like a smaller version of Whole Foods. The food is on the healthier side and, thus, a little pricier as is to be expected. The quality is top notch though. I ordered a Cowboy Burger which consists of all natural beef, a slice of American cheese, and chipotle sauce. It also comes with baked french fries. Try it it with the A+ organic ketchup they have. They also have almost 20 kinds of all natural teas, really good salads and sandwiches, and a list of independent albums on stock (the owner is a musician). If you wanna try something different for lunch or breakfast, I highly recommend it.


jeannine said...

unless this is a grocery store, and by the looks of it it's not, i won't compare this to whole foods.