Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WTF of the Day: The Ramen Girl?

Brittany Murphy, WTF?

Sure, your past roles haven't been exactly stellar. But really? Really?

It seems to be going along the lines of Lost in Translation. Girl comes to foreign country with her significant other. Byebye significant other. How to deal in new land? Find something meaningful in life.

But instead of Girl comes to foreign land with husband, it's her boyfriend, who ends up leaving her. And instead of befriending an old movie actor, she befriends a pro ramen maker, and finds her true calling in life by means of ramen. Friends, this movie is called The Ramen Girl.

I can only imagine what sort of conversation went on between her and her agent when discussing the role..


Anonymous said...

Sure, it seems like one of those straight-to-DVD type of things. And Brittany Murphy? And the trailer doesn't really leave much up to the imagination.

But it's supposedly based on the writer's real life experience. And it's about ramen!

You almost have to see it just because it reminds one of the classic ramen/food movie, Tampopo. (The hero from which, has a cameo.)

And then go get a bowl of the real stuff at Ippudo afterwards with your date.

sang said...

FINALLY! The movie of my dreams. Next on the list the Mhan Doo Girl.

songhyunah said...

.. wtf indeed..