Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cuteness of the Day: Cute Things Falling Asleep

I originally was going to write about the ludicrousness of the adult entertainment industry wanting to ask the government for a $5 million bailout, but then I came across this site, so here is a post that is 180 from the dirtiness of Larry Flynt and Joe Francis. It must have been a slow newsday at CNN, cause they had a story on OMG. SO CUTE. I think sleepy animals and babies are so cute. Cause you know, they're pretty helpless when it comes to that stuff. And I also think babies who sleep with their mouths open are the cutest things ever! Fully grown humans, not so much. And so, just like I watched those uber cute shiba inu puppies for like an entire day nonstop, this site will be my little obsession for today. What work?

Below is my favorite sleepy baby ever. I love his sister watching TV next to him (such nonchalance!) almost as much as the sleepy baby himself. :)


john said...

i think the sister is a brother

i check fuckyoupenguin on a regular basis. now got another one. thanks~

christina said...

oh gosh, i could watch that all day! SOOO CUUTE!!!!!!!