Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dryer sheets are awesome.

Yesterday, I wore a sweater dress to work that I knew would cause me problems allll day. Sometimes (ok like ALL the time) cuteness > comfort. So to combat the static my dress was radiating, and to avoid accidentally flashing co-workers as a result of my dress sticking to and riding up my tights (I'm sorry...is this TMI??), I carried around a dryer sheet and was patting myself down with it all day. I stashed a couple of extras in my bag and forgot about it, till the end of the day when I opened up my bag. Goodbye smell of leather, hello smell of FRESH LAUNDRY. I completely forgot the odor eliminating/emanating power of a simple dryer sheet! And then I remembered an AWESOME forward I received months ago, about the 100 different ways you can use a dryer sheet other than just in the laundry. Btw, I HATE forwards. If you're about to send me one, don't, and if you think I'm not talking about you, I am.

Besides from eliminating static from things like your uber cute sweater dress, computer/tv screens, and hair, here are some cool uses for dryer sheets:

* Repel mosquitoes. Keep a folded dryer sheet in your pocket during mosquito season or when you're camping or whatever, and keep those pesky bloodsuckers away. I haven't tried this so I can't tell you if this works or not, but if it does, I will be forever grateful to Bounce.

* Eliminating odor from various places: (garbage cans, luggage, car, locker, old books, shoes- one sheet will do)

* Collecting pet hair, saw dust, regular dust.

* Loosen caked on food from a pan by placing sheet in pan, filling with water, and letting it sit overnight. The food will come off easier in the morning.

Read more here and here. And the best part, you can use used dryer sheets for all of these jobs. Go green!


songhyunah said...

indeed they are!