Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TV Obsession of the Day: House

For the past 5 years, I've been proudly stating that even though there seems to be a million medical based shows (ER, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, etc.), Scrubs was my one and only medical show to watch. Sure, it's not super dramatic, and not as technical when it comes down to patients and their illnesses (actually, I wouldn't know since I never saw any other medical show besides Scrubs), but it had the silly humor that made me overlook the sad memories that I usually associate hospitals with.

Anyway, after a long weekend in Seattle a month or so ago, I started watching House. Mainly because the gloomy Seattle weather kept us indoors, but mostly due to the fact that the show is so ADDICTING! And I always love a mean character :P

Currently, I'm on season two, having just finished episode eight last night. And you know that it must be that good, especially since I've gotten a few friends hooked on it (yeah, you know who you are). And not to mention that I started carrying around whichever season dvd in my bag, in case of a House marathon :)

The negatives of House? Well, besides the fact that you totally get sucked into it, you begin to feel like a total hypochondriac. Being a bit of one to begin with, I can officially say that my slight case of O.C.D has risen, thanks to close-up shots of patients' insides, especially for catching mysterious illnesses in the most random, bizarre ways. Please, guys: wash your hands and be sanitary at all times! For your sake and mine :x


leo said...

i'd say the only bad thing about house is that the structure of the show is nearly always the same: despite all sound and ethical medical practices, he does things his way and ends up being right. i stopped midway in the 3rd season.

but things have changed, i should check it out again.

Jen Shin said...

They mix things up by adding new doctors last season and into this season, but that means way less screen time for Chase/Cameron, which I don't like. I don't find the new doctors all that interesting. But I still lurve the show.

Aly Beth said...

Next up on your journey to enlightenment:


Yuri Kim said...

house makes me think i'm dying :(