Friday, January 9, 2009

Mothers, Don't Let Your Babies Become Athletes

From FanIQ...Athletes With Illegitimate Kids: Expanded And Updated 2009 Edition. Check out the link for the entire list. The following is just a sample.


Calvin Murphy - 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women. You sir are our current champion.

Travis Henry - 9 kids by 9 women. All of this by 28. Impressive. He is on pace to catch Calvin. The fact that he's broke from paying child support may slow him down though.

Ex-San Antonio Spur Willie Anderson - 9 illegitimate kids. If only his field goal percentage had been as high as his impregnation rate.

Evander Holyfield - 9 illegitimate kids. Has more kids than brain cells left.Jason Caffey - 8 kids by 7 women.

Shawn Kemp - 7 illegitimate kids by 6 women last time. Supposedly up to 11 kids by 9 women now. Gives his nickname of the Reign Man new meaning. Might also explain why nearly played for an Italian team late in 2008.

The most impressive one of all is Tom Gordon who had three kids by the age of 17. Also of note, Karl Malone should be arrested.