Monday, January 12, 2009

Taylor Lautner is HAWT!

New Moon is probably my 2nd favorite book in the Twilight series (the first being Twilight, duh!). When I heard all the drama about the casting for Jacob Black in New Moon, I was all for Taylor Lautner, because I felt bad for the poor kid; afterall, his tv show gig (My Own Worst Enemy) did get canceled .. and losing the role of Jacob Black would've been devastating for his career.

But Taylor Lautner hung in there, and worked his ass off to show Stephenie Meyer, newly appointed director Chris Weitz, and the Twilight fans that he could maintain the role. And damn, that kid must've really wanted the job.

However, now that it's all official, I'm left wondering if Taylor Lautner can do justice to the character of Jacob Black (link may contain spoilers!). Sure, he's got the boyish looks and charms for the first film, and now the muscle and brawn for the second film .. but can he really do it? Looks like winning the role was just half the battle, but maybe he could prove fans and critics wrong, just as co-star Robert Pattinson did.

Anyway, here's a clip from Access Hollywood, showing the newly muscled Taylor Lautner discussing his upcoming role in New Moon:


Jen Shin said...

HEY there is only room for 1 cougar here and that's ME. Move it, Julia.

haha, just kidding. JOIN ME! ROAR! And yes, Taylor is cute.

songhyunah said...

.. holy crap he got hottt