Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soundtrack of the Day: Slumdog Millionaire

While I was so wrong in my Oscar nomination predictions, I am happy to see that Slumdog Millionaire was recognized for its music. I've been obsessed with this soundtrack for a while now, because it's just really great, really fun, and really full of energy. The entire soundtrack is a rocking mix of Bollywood and hip-hop, and it provides the perfect score for a vivid, pulsating film such as Slumdog. A.R. Rahma, an internationally known composer, can now add Oscar nominee to his resume. It also helps that M.I.A. (one of my faves) is featured prominently in the soundrack, and yes, we may all be sick of hearing Paper Planes, but how perfect is that song for this movie- "Sometimes I feel like sitting on trains..."

The soundtrack is bookended by 2 amazing songs, which were both each nominated for an Academy Award Best Original Song today. Holla! It begins with O...Saya, which is set to the first scenes of the movie and sets the tone. I love it!

Both the album and the movie end on a high note with Jai Ho, a rousing sing-along that begs to be danced to. And dance to it, they do. In the best scene of the entire movie, the cast puts on a Bollywood dance to this song. Don't have that clip for you, but enjoy the song.


jeannine said...

i love love love M.I.A's and A.R. Rahma's O...Saya.