Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Better Than the Original

So last Thursday, I went to see Wicked at the Gerswhin Theatre.

Yes, I read the book. And no, I did not particularly find the book to be enjoyable. Mainly because I felt that it was too hyped up, and my expectations for it surpassed what I normally expected for a book. With that said, I wouldn't say that I was looking forward to seeing the stage adaptation of it, despite all of the raving reviews it got.

However, the show was surprisingly pretty good. Well, mainly because it's not really like the book. Touché, Broadway; you've broken my belief that "the book is always better."

Going along with that, a recent photo shoot has been traveling across the Internetz, once more proving to me that the original is not always the best:

Um, Paul Rudd? YES! Jason Segel?? Fo sho! Seth Rogen? Why not! Jonah Hill? Um .. meh, I guess if the rest of Judd Apatow's gang is here ..


Jen Shin said...

Paul Rudd is hot. There is nothing more to say.