Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coupon of the Day: $1 Oatmeal @ Jamba Juice

I love me some oatmeal. There's nothing like it to fill you up on a cold wintry morning. I normally just get my fix from the oatmeal bar at Whole Foods, but recently I've noticed a whole slew of places offering good ol' oatmeal on their menu. Starbucks, Au bon Pain, Tasti d'lite, Jamba Juice. I have yet to try the oatmeals from most of those places, except Jamba Juice, which I can totally vouch for. But at $3.25 a pop, it's not something I'm willing to indulge in every single day. Except until 3/31/09, when you can get the Jamba Juice oatmeal experience for $1! I LOVE COUPONS. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So go try some, you only have a dollar to lose.

And here is Serious Eats: New York's take on the various places you can get oatmeal. They give Jamba Juice an A.


Yuri Kim said...

I just finished my Starbucks oatmeal. It's not too shabby. They give you packets of nuts and berries to throw in there which really make it delish

sang said...

oh. Let's go to Whole Foods everyday!