Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Stuff of the Day: Obamaicon Me

This is old news, but my friend Stella is like on overdrive Obamacizing pictures of me, so I thought I'd write about it. You know those cool Obama campaign posters during last year's elections, well, you can be Obamacized too! Just upload your picture at Obamicon.Me, fill in the caption, and you get your very own coool poster. They have samples at the site, my favorite is the one above. Shamwow!

And let me present you with Stella's creative creation:

Which was made from the following pic, taken from our trip to Paris last year. BEST.TRIP.EVER.

Go crazy, folks!


bored at work said...

Ask Jen for the picture of her on her bike (caption: Bicycle:Fail) MWhhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that the artist who made the "Yes We Can" poster that became so famous in this style is on his way to jail for some sort of vandalism offense.