Thursday, August 20, 2009

12 Most Annoying Facebook Users

Hi, my name is Jen Shin, and I'm addicted to Facebook. I check it like 6 times a day, I update it quite often, and I like to secretly and not-so-secretly stalk people. However, I keep my little addiction to myself, and I don't think I am any of the following 12 types of annoying Facebookers that CNN has identified. All annoying (hopefully I don't do any of the following), but I think my favorite has to be the Chronic Inviter: "Support my cause. Sign my petition. Play Mafia Wars with me. Which 'Star Trek' character are you? Here are the 'Top 5 cars I have personally owned.' Here are '25 Things About Me.' Here's a drink. What drink are you? We're related! I took the 'What President Are You?' quiz and found out I'm Millard Fillmore! What president are you?" Sound familiar?? Yeah. You know who you are!!!