Friday, August 21, 2009

Yay Jason Mraz!

I've talked about Jason Mraz on this blog before, in fact 2 weeks ago I saw him in concert for the umpteenth time. Prior to his unstoppable single I'm Yours, he's always been sort of a fly-under-the-radar musician, popular with his rabid fans, but not really a mainstream radio/household name kinda musician. Well, oh how far Jason has come. Let me list the ways in which I'm Yours has put him in the music record books:

* At 70 weeks on the chart, it is officially the longest running song on Billboard Top 100 history

* It is the only track to reach #1 on 4 radio charts: Mainstream Top 40/Pop Songs, Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40, and Triple A.

* Ranks as the 3rd best selling digital song EVER (4.4 million downloads)

As for his success, Mr. Mraz says: "I found out about six weeks ago that the song was on its way to breaking this record. I was moved. ... I'm still blown away -- humbled by the success of my happy little hippie song." I LOVE YOU.


christina said...

he's just so great <3