Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't eat and drive!

I've seen people do some crazy crap while driving, like some woman putting on mascara on the NJ Turnpike while going at like 70mph (needless to say, I switched lanes ASAP). I think people don't realize that multi-taking is not a good thing when you are behind the wheel and sharing a road with other people. Talking on the phone, texting, fiddling with the radio, putting on makeup, all dangerous stuff, folks! And so is eating.

An auto insurance company just released the 10 most dangerous foods to be eating while driving, and the list is not surprising, though some of the reasons are kinda funny (fizzy sodas can lead to sneezing...). According to an Exxon survey of 1,000 people, more than 70% eat and 83% drink beverages while they are driving, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) cites those distractions as top reasons for car crashes. I mean I take a sip or two while driving too, but I rarely eat while behind the wheel and I don't get how people can do it. But alas, if you HAVE to, just try not to eat the following:

  1. Coffee. Hot.
  2. Hot soup. Also hot.
  3. Tacos. Can disassemble easily.
  4. Chili dogs. Can drip easily.
  5. Hamburgers. Greasy hands = slippery steering wheel.
  6. Ribs and wings. Are you kidding with this one? Why would you be eating this behind the wheel anyway?
  7. Fried chicken. More greasy hands.
  8. Jelly donuts. Can oooze easily.
  9. Soda. Carbonation? Leads to sneezing? Also, has lids.
  10. Chocolate. Melts easily.