Friday, October 23, 2009


The Office will always remain my number one favorite show on TV, but this season, I have fallen in love. With FOX's AMAZING new show Glee, which makes me want to shout GLEEEEEEEEE! for the way it makes me feel. This is what being in a new relationship feels like, right? You want to talk about him/her/it all the time, you want to introduce all of your friends to him/her/it, it makes you smile whenever you think about him/her/it. Well, since I have no real human being in my life right now to feel that way about, I'm just gonna settle for feeling that way about Glee. Sometimes it's hard for me to fall in love with a show cause it inevitably and inexplicably gets canceled (I still miss you, Pushing Daisies and Veronica Mars...), but I LOOOOOVE Glee and it looks like many people do too. Here's a round up of EVERYTHING GLEE.

* I love Entertainment Weekly, and this cover story on Glee proves why.

* A Madonna themed Glee episode coming next year, courtesy of the Material Girl, who gave the show the rights to all of her music! I love her post 90s stuff, so I hope they use some of her newer stuff rather than her 80s music.

* Fox is cashing in on the Glee-mania, by releasing a DVD of the first 13 episodes of the season in December. Titled, "Glee Season 1: Road to Sectionals," it will make a nice holiday gift since it is scheduled to hit stores Dec. 29. Of course you can wait for the entire season to be over, but that DVD won't be in stores until mid 2010.

* It doesn't even seem like there has been 10 Glee performances already, but LA Times ranks their Top 10.

* While waiting for the release of the official soundtrack on Nov. 3, I've been listening to this Imeem playlist nonstop. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Julia Park said...

I hate that we have to wait till November 11th for new episodes :(