Friday, November 13, 2009

J.Crew Holiday Guide

I think most of you know I LOOOOOVE J.Crew. I love everything about it, and I always joke that half my paycheck goes to it. But as with anything else I love, I do have my reservations with the brand. I mean, first thing being price of course. Tis why I never really buy anything full price from the Crew, though honestly, things go on sale so fast anyway that seriously guys, you should just wait for that to happen. I just like looking at the catalog and making mental notes of the things I want.

Anyways, their Very Best Gift Guide for 2009 is out, and I love it cause I like looking at all the pretty shiny stuff. Also, AHEM I LOVE JCREW, GUYS. They've added more stuff to the guide since it was first released earlier this week, and when I first saw it, I cracked up. In the $25 and Under (for women), there were originally only like 8 items (as opposed to 20+), with one being a gift card and one being a flower belt that was.. $35. Uh huh. Definitely not a budget friendly place, that J.Crew. But it seems there is a wider selection now, and of course, their sales are always amazing! CHECK IT.