Friday, November 20, 2009

The Search for the World's Biggest OXOniac

I love OXO products. What? What's an OXO product, you ask?? Take a look in your kitchen. Chances are that you most likely own at least OXO product. And I'm betting that it's your trusty, rubber handle peeler.

Anyway, OXO is currently having this cute video contest, in which you demo your kitchen skillz in a 30 to 90 second video, using any kitchen tool you may have. 5 winners will be chosen by OXO judges, and there will be 3 Grand Prize Winners who not only become a spokesperson for OXO, but they will win $1,000 in OXO products (ch-ch-check 'em out here) AND a trip to NYC. Sounds kind of awesome, no?

Well, it gets even better: just for submitting your video entry, OXO will send you a 30% discount code for their products along with your entry confirmation email.

Entering is easy, you have nothing to lose, and a discount code to gain. DO AHTT!

Check out loyal Life in Boxes reader Jonathan's entry:


Jen Shin said...

Looking good, Jon! :D
This cracked me up for 10 min, btw.