Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Cereal and Milk

Ah, cereal and milk, milk and cereal, who doesn’t love it?? Lately I’ve been having cereal for breakfast- my Weight Watchers Honey Almond (SO good and only 2 points, score) with banana every morning. I feel like cereal is the one thing that instantly brings back memories of childhood; it takes me back to the days of standing in the cereal isle wanting Kix, no wait! Lucky Charms, no- Apple Jacks!! (insert my mom’s exasperated face here.) I’d buy a whole box of whatever sugary cereal I wanted, then would get through maybe a fourth of it and decide I wanted to try something else, much to my parents’ annoyance. I’ve never understood the whole ‘I just ate an entire carton of ice cream in one sitting’ thing, but I totally get the ‘I just ate the entire box of cereal while watching the Hills’ thing. You just can’t get enough, and before you know it, you’re staring down the bottom of the empty box wondering how the hell you managed to eat all that.

This kind of brings me to what I really want to talk about regarding cereal, the peculiar relationship it has with milk. The chicken or the egg? The cereal or the milk? Whatever you prefer, whether it’s cereal first then pouring in the milk (a choice I wholeheartedly approve) or the other way around, there inevitably comes a moment where one runs out before the other, right?? You’re munching away, and before you know it, the cereal is gone and all you have is your milk. Or the cereal. So then you play that game of, ‘ok, let me put in some more milk’ ‘oh now there’s too much milk, let’s put in more cereal’ ‘ok, let me put in more milk for the added cereal.’ And before you know it, you’ve eaten another box of cereal. And a whole carton of milk, too. You would think, all these years of cereal eating would make one a pro at this, but the perfect cereal-milk ratio has always been so elusive. It’s almost as hard as figuring out a math theorem. Or something like that, you know what I mean. These are the things I spend time thinking about.


cecilia said...

i always end up eating more cereal than i intended to because i just can't seem to get #of spoons of cereal= # spoons of milk, so i'll add a little bit more milk..or a little bit more cereal. OR i just give up and drink the left over milk..leaving a very not-so-good taste in my mouth.

Sang said...

What should come first, the creal?? Or the MILK? I would have to disagree with you Julia and add in my mlik first. Why? I try to keep my cereal crunchy at all times. Fill my bowl with some milk, and add in the cereal as I eat, resulting in a crispy cereal experience.