Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'd like some JAM on my bread, none of that PB&J

Once upon a time, there were two star-crossed lovers who just couldn't get the timing done right. She was engaged for three years, and he was in love with her. Then he was in a committed relationship, and she missed what she never realized was there the whole time.

This was pure television gold.

Everyone loves a tragedy. Everyone loves a challenge. Thus the birth of JAM, the sweet unrequited love between Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley. We fell pretty damn hard for them.

Season three only fueled the hopes of seeing Jim and Pam finally meet each other at the middle. We had our laughs, awkward moments, and surges of hope when we met "fancy new Beasley." By the end of the season, the writers of the show cruelly left us hanging, with the entire summer to wonder what became of our beloved JAM.

Out of JAM came what only Kevin could describe:

Kevin: Oh well. If they aren’t together now, then they probably never will be. I thought they’d be good together. Like PB & J. Pam Beesly and Jim. What a waste. What. A. Waste.

But no, Kevin; you were right on the dot. Jim and Pam were together. But they really did go from being our beloved JAM to just PB&J.

Shake it up, writers. Show us some more crazies. None of this lovey-dovey-holding-hands-cutesy thing. I'm getting bored here.